7.2.2 patch libscsi.so.1 esg74322 (inquire on Solaris 10 Sr1 is not working)

                   On Solaris 10 Update 1 in combination with lpfc Emulex drivers

                   inquire does not show any of the Libary and Tape devices.

                  After implimenting above patch the devices are shown correctly!

                  Just exchange the file in \usr\lib\nsr and do chmod 755 on it

7.2.2 LGTpa90067_LGTpa87725 Server and Client Patch all OS 1.9.2006

LGTpa90067 + LGTpa87725 patch for SCSI timeout (up to 60 seconds) and virtual tape libarys

(prevents out of sync, because rap database get updated on command and not on answer of command)

7.2.2 Server Solaris LGTpa90348 25.9.2006

LGTpa90348: Restart of group containing Netware clients doesn't work.

Fix:Problems in savegrp binary in solaris Networker 7.2.2

Fixed binary : savegrp

Please rename and replace the savegrp from /usr/sbin with new one

! You must change the rights with CHMOD to 555