Here you see our open escalations with EMC which are actually running without be fixed:

Netware Backups / Restores

Memory leak on restore LGTPA85075

If you do a directed recover, the networker first needs 11kb per file which is selected in the memory of the novell server for the networker.nlm and then, if the marking is finished and you start the restore, the recover.nlm did the same again.

If you use cli (only recover.nlm) the same happens twice with recover.nlm

In both cases, if you have not enought memory in the netware server, you can not restore all files. Example: 3.3 Million Files need 2 Times 950 MB avail. memory int the ram, otherwise the server abends.

Nevertheless that there is a patch in the meantime (included in 7.2.1 Client) the memory per file what is needed is round about 195 Byte in the memory of the netware server when you mark the files. So this can limit your restore possibility on huge file servers!

Example: 2.2 Million Files consuming 428 MB of Memory. On a Fileserver with 512 MB this will crash the server, because not enought memory will be avail for other needed NLM´s

RPC Errors on Backup LGTpa90213

Nearly every backup run there are comming messages in the deamon.log on the Server about RPC Errors.

Because of this problems, the Volume (mostly at the end of the backup) gets rescheduled for another backup run and data is backuped twice .

A Workaround is to stop all processors except one on the netware boxes with "stop processor" before the backup and "start processor" after the backup

Then the RPC problem does not happen.

NDMP Backup Jos not visible in NMC GUI  LGTsc30967

With Networker Version the NDMP Backup Jobs (independed if VBB or tar/Dump) is not shown as active session in the NMC GUI.

Only with nsrwatch you are able to see the task.

The Problem exists in 7.4.3 and 7.5.x -> Only for 7.4.4 is a fix availeble today.