Netware 6.x

finddirs.nlm (bugfixed findfiles.nlm) 31.7.2006

This is a tool to be able to create a list of files on the Novell Server with a special type of extension and be able to backup this filetype with the save -I sys:\FilesFND.txt command

CLI Switches fro findfiles:

-q quiet mode

-c Ignore case sensitivity

-e followed by ".xxx" for the type of files you like to select. (this command must be always the last)

It creates in the sys: Volume a File FilesFND.txt

The Tool runs an Netware 6.0 and 6.5, i never tested it on older Versions of Netware

The Tool is also UTF-8 aware !

With the old findfiles.nlm it can happen, that on a huge amount of files to scan (> 1.5millions) there happens a stack overflow and because of that a abend of the netware box.

Finddirs.nlm has a bigger stack to fix this.

seg.nlm V2.0 beta 23. Sep. 2005

Good Tool from Novell to monitor and documentate memory consuming by different nlm´s and hints for optimization

nwlib6h.exe latest libc libc6h.exe Also included in OES SP2 Update 1 nw65sp5upd1.exe 31.7.2006

See also the TID 0 1398843

Saveset All is not working after changing something with the Volumes (Dismount, Rename, create, delete)

The Patch Collection and/or libc6h.exe DID solve the problem ! See also EMC Networker Bug description LGTPA85513